• As well as updating and maintaining your website suggest people use a website uptime / downtime monitoring service. Not only can you not sell your products / services when your website is down, but it’s also bad for your reputation. Longer term downtime may also impact on your SEO. Plenty of free website monitoring services out there such as http://www.statuscake.com. Do like this product personally as allow unlimited sites to be monitored from the one account.

  • Totally agree Gary, there are a lot of other free website monitoring services available, some great articles on using Google Docs to send alerts for free, however the set up can be quite technical, http://www.monitorhub.com offer a complete business website monitoring service designed for non-technical people and have a freemium account too.

  • I came across these comments and just wanted to note that up/down monitoring is a good start but in order to make sure your website is always running as fast as it can, you need to measure performance at the object level so you can identify large files or files that that are hanging up your website. I found that may chat program was holding up the load time of my website and even throwing errors. I don’t believe the two recommend provide real browser monitoring that provides object level report. I’ve use a handful of them but the best bang your buck is http://www.alertbot.com. The pricing is very reasonable and they have a free trial so you can kick the tires. I highly recommend them.

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